Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Saturday, July 02, 2011

{Missing My Brothers and Sisters}

It's crazy how much I miss you all today. I hope you all arrived home safe and sound. Thanks for an amazing month summer staff, you are awesome. 
- Dawn Kinnaman

Tomorrow tony and I have about 9 hours of driving left to complete our road trip out to Malibu and back, and it's so sad. We are excited to be home and see our family and friends, but laying in bed right now my heart hurts missing you all. I just want to hear, "GET OFF THE SHED", and be back in the thin place. I love you guys, and this has literally been one of the best life changing experience I have ever had. 
-Ali Okerberg

I couldn't go two days at home without red river... Addicted? Good thing my dad randomly has two full boxes:) buy it isn't quite the same without my best friends to enjoy it with.

This is truly the way God intended for us to live. Words cannot express how deeply I care for each of my work staff family members. We're the summer staff..we're here for the summa! 
- Kacy Rominger

The only thing that sucks about Young Life is that it places you with so many wonderful people in amazing places and then without time to adjust, picks you up and throws you back home. It's like ripping duct tape off of leg hair! Also, my dad is literally on the shed right now. 
- Brenna Bream

OooH baby do you know what that's worth oooh Heaven is a place on Earth, The thin place I miss it so much and all the great people who shared serving the LORD and each other. I love you all from the bottom of my heart! Thanks for everything! 
- Ally Becker

I woke up this morning and the first thought in my head was "dang, I really miss my Malibuians" 
- Jeff Rose

Hey best fraanndssss, goes without saying that I miss all of you beyond belief. Loving all this talk about reunions(:! Just wanted to give a short thank you to each and every one of you for literally the best month of my life. I have grown in my relationship with God more in the past month than I have my entire life so I thank you all times a million. I feel like a completely different person ever since I've been back. I've had several people including my mom say I'm a completely changed person and asked how it happened. Living at the most beautiful place on earth, finally realizing who God is, and meeting the most incredible people of my life is my response every time. Malibu has changed my life. You all have changed my life. I can't thank all of you enough. I love and miss all of you tons! And thanks again(:

- Jaden Johnson

Today was my first day back on Facebook so I would like to apologize to everyone who might of thought I didn't miss them (due to a lack of a "miss you" post). I, in fact, actually miss the crap out of you all. I thank god I met each and every one of you. 
- Jacob Nixon

i love all of you guys so much and can i just say every single one of you impacted me and my life so THANKS!! :D and i miss all of my malibu sista's and mista's :( 
- Brianna Meyers

A community where LOVE is all around
A slice of Heaven has come down
To a Thin Place where PEACE is found
And no wars are around.
As our community came together
We had to set some rules ti obey
So our community wouldn't falter
And drama be in our way.
Little sleep with longer days of work
We had to dig deep to find strength & believe
That we were the best we could be so
The campers could have one of the best weeks of their lives
And the say-so would be our special treat.
Worship was one of the times we loved the most
Coming together with Father, Son & Holy Ghost.
Harmony, peace, love, strength & hope helped us to
Share our stories of life that each of us holds.
Malibu was some of the best times of all our lives
And a magical place to be,
A place close to all our hearts and will never be far away
Because of how it was a Thin Place giving us
Values on strength, love & hope.
A place we came to as strangers but built up a little family in a
Community where Heaven decided to visit Earth &
Our faith was strengthened where the LORD is always first.
Our lives were impacted in a way to make us see
We are all closer to being the person we want to be &
Learning life is what you make it out to be
So we go on to experience the LORD and life in the new chapters
Of our stories that we have yet to write!

Love you all here's a poem I wrote about Malibu! Hope you enjoy! Miss and love you all bunches and bunches! LOVES Y'ALL!
w/ ♥ always

I MISS EVERYONE AND THE 'BU SO MUCH! :( thank you all for an amazing experience!! I love y'all! :)) 
- Jordan Shultz

Not to sound like I'm just going with the crowd or anything, but I too miss all of you like crazy. It was an amazing 3 weeks & I hope we get a reunion planned. 
- Jedd Russell

How will this person benefit from the Summer Staff experience?
I believe Carlee will benefit from the Summer Staff experience by giving her some quiet time away from the business of life
with like minded people. I feel it would allow her time to settle down and possibly hear from God and what His plan is for
her life.

This was on my reccomendation form, this is the first time I have read it and this question truly sums up exactly what I have gained from this experience. I want to thank everyone for being apart of this journey. As well as, thank God continuously for bringing you all into my life. It was a life changing experience, best month of my life! I'll never forget our time together. Miss you all so much! 

- Carlee Quiles

i would like everyone to know july 5th is "move it like bernie" day..and i expect everyone to be participating allll day :)
ps- miss yall like crazy

- Lauren Seitz

Alright people here is the deal. I have almost thrown up everyday since I have been home because I miss all of you SO FREAKIN MUCH ITS STUPID!! I haven't been able to dance. I haven't been able to laugh at campers. I haven't been able to dig through trash. And making fun of Jacob over facebook just is not doing it. SO this is what I have decided. 1) if any of you are ever near my state you better tell me or I will probably yell a cuss word in front of a small child. 2) I am planning on traveling alot so if you have some sweet event you are doing or game you are playing in or if you just need a sick dance partner to show up everybody at the dance hall let me know. I can't go to much longer without seeing all of you so this will probably start soon. For example, mer mer has a volleyball game in Dallas the weekend before thanksgiving and I AM GOING TO IT AND WILL PROBABLY GET KICKED OUT FOR CHEERING TO LOUD so if anybody is down to accompany me that would be awesome. My incredible sister lives in Dallas and whoever comes can stay there. I haven't asked her yet but I know she will say yes. THIS. IS. NOT. BE. TAKEN. LIGHTLY. I am snapping necks and cash in checks. KEEP UP.

ps - hugs not drugs

NBD everyone but I am wearing my cabros (the male version of capris obvi) for the first time since camp and when I realized it was the first time since camp I just stood in my room and yelled out of excitement frustration and depression so you can imagine how alarmed my sweet mother was. Anyways, I love you guys to Bangladesh and back and I miss you very much. YOUR AWESOME. IM AWESOME. PERFECT!! Much love to all corners of the country!! God is good! Im outsies
- Reid Curry

So I just got home today from spending a couple days in Seattle and let me tell you it was not fun. It was easy in Seattle to be distracted from the fact that we weren't at Malibu anymore, but let me tell you soon as I was back in Michigan I was not happy, nope. So just like you guys have all said, I MISS YOU ALL LIKE CRAZYY!!! But like seriously you all were the best and I love you guys!!! Please please please keep in touch!!!
- Sara Stencel

Sooo funny rock came on in the weight room today and i just about freaked out...aka i did freak out and was like malibuuuuu. so i started doing the dance and everyone thought i was craz but it reminded me of you guys and made me really happy. and it is #1 download on itunes right i downloaded it. and everyone should come to orlando TODAY because me corinne and aaron are having a mini reunion. i love youall to malibu and back times ten. yall rock. peace and love.
- Meredith Murphy

i just wanted to say because of everyones awesomeness/incredible fellowship and basically being one big family..i am now having some difficulties being excited to meet my new summer staff.
so thanks..geez could yall just do something wrong for once so i can love yall a little less?
ps- happy canada day!

- Lauren Seitz

First of all, Happy Friday! I hope everyone's first Thursday quit day went well. I'm hoping that we all want to make this a weekly staple. It can range from quitting facebook for the day to quitting drying one's hair(as did happen among one of our summer staffers yesterday). It is just the act that counts and doing something that brings us remembrance of the time we spent together and what we learned from Bob Goff. And practicing self-control?

Secondly, I think it would be great if we could all post prayer requests and major life happenings in this forum. I know individually we will all communicate differently but just to update each other once in a while would be fantastic and much appreciated among all, I'm sure.

I want you guys to know that you have changed me. When I think about the month we spent together my mind most quickly flashes to images of our bible studies, our days off, encouraging one another when we pass on Main St, eating every meal together, and living in fellowship with one another. It is unique that we have a group so bent on staying connected and realizing the depth of the friendship that resulted from our service to God and each other. I don't think I've ever been this joyful and sad at the same time. I just know that I want you all in my life forever.

- Katherine Bryant

I may be taking this too far... but... Mali-berney... you all are so precious and THE DIVINE APPOINTMENTS when we do see each other will be INSANE.
- Bailey Anders

I think about every one of you guys every day. I miss you all so so so much. When people ask me how Malibu was the first thing I tell them is that is was unquestionably the best 3 weeks of my entire life. They ask why, and I tell them it was because of all of you. Before I went to Malibu people would ask me if I was excited to go, and I would tell them I was most excited about meeting all of you. I knew you would be incredible people. I knew God was hand picking every single one of us. I just had no idea how perfect it would be. Every moment with you guys was a blessing. A treat from God. God gave us all a glimpse of what community should be like. It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to all of you. Whoever was there saw me bawl my eyes out. They were tears of sadness of leaving, but mostly they were tears of happiness. Happiness from the blessing of being in each of your presence, learning from you, breaking down walls, and seeing what loving on people truly looks like. New brothers and sisters, thank you for everything :) 
- Laurel Adami

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