Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

100 Things

Lord, thank you for:
  1. my hot shower
  2. that I can wake up to worship music
  3. the shoes on my feet
  4. surrounding me with people who genuinely care about me
  5. giving me the opportunity to go to college
  6. having food always available for me
  7. blessing me with a wonderful job
  8. blessing me with wonderful co-workers
  9. providing with my apartment situation next year
  10. making me who I am
  11. giving me opportunity to help someone on the other side of the world
  12. giving me the opportunity to help people on my campus
  13. giving me the best roommate I could possibly ask for
  14. Allowing me to interpret the beautiful world you created through photography
  15. clouds
  16. my bible
  17. contacts/glasses
  18. my health
  19. Meryn
  20. Jessi
  21. Katie
  22. Christian fellowship
  23. freedom to worship you whenever I want
  24. a laptop/phone/ipod
  25. capri suns
  26. my camaro
  27. the relationship I have with my parents. They are my best friends.
  28. carbs
  29. my love of letter writing
  30. guitar
  31. the soothing sound of rain outside
  32. warm blankets to huddle safe under
  33. highlighters
  34. infinity scarves
  35. vitamins
  36. sunshine
  37. carrots
  38. neighbors
  39. Melvin
  40. late night with jimmy fallon
  41. grandparents
  42. smoothies
  43. burritos and pumpkin pie
  44. compassion
  45. honesty
  46. love
  47. chairs on wheels
  48. patience
  49. shelter from wind
  50. blackout poetry
  51. ability to leave dad voicemails while he's at work
  52. long talks on the phone with mom
  53. random picture texts from Meryn
  54. my summer staff position this summer
  55. our Hawaii trip for Thanksgiving break
  56. Albertsons
  57. parfait
  58. febreeze
  59. keeping me at peace when things aren't going my way
  60. my hair
  61. earplugs
  62. nonfat milk
  63. your grace
  64. canon in D
  65. Polaroids
  66. divine appointments
  67. freedom to share the gospel
  68. The New York Times
  69. refrigerators
  70. meals
  71. coffee dates
  72. passionate professors
  73. role models
  74. accepting me and all my failures
  75. Always getting the timing just right. Even if I don't realize it at the moment.
  76. simple things
  77. band-aids
  78. spell check
  79. laughter
  80. children
  81. hammocks
  82. trampolines
  83. bonfires
  84. stars
  85. my costco mattress
  86. my friends you have blessed me with here at WSU
  87. bobby pins
  88. flies (you created them, they must have some good purpose here on earth)
  89. sticky notes
  90. my bible study leaders
  91. extra fiber bagels
  92. allowing people to see that you have changed my life
  93. magnets
  94. nail clippers
  95. rubber bands
  96. my camera
  97. tears
  98. keeping my cactus alive
  99. struggles that make me a better person
  100. dying on the cross for my sins
100 doesn't even scratch the surface.

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