Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Tyrone Wells

Dicks for dinner.
Davenport for exploring.
10 one dollar bills into the pin hole for parking.
We designnated our area. Very front middle/right.
Sat down and explained to Teea that I'm experienced with this stuff.
If you don't sit between acts, it's hard to last to the end.
Teea: "Wait, how long is the concert?"
Me: "It'll probably go till 11."
Teea: "WHAT!? That's 3 hours!"
Me: "I know but by the end, you don't want it to end. Trust me. You'll just want him to keep singing, and you won't care that you've been standing 3 hours."
3 hours later
Teea: "Whoa you were so right."
The opening opening act was okay, but Andrew Belle was awesome.
He has such a unique voice. I'd heard his songs before, but now I'm hooked.
Finally, Tyrone Wells.
Like so many artists I've seen live, he sounded even better live.
He sang 3 songs with his wife and they were beyond adorable.
There was a little girl in front of me who couldn't have been more than 5 years old.
Her mom was holding her and they sang some of the songs to each other.
This little girl knew every word! It was beyond adorable.

Before Tyrone sang this song completely acoustic, he said two things.
When you die, there's really only two things you should really care about.
1. Are you ready to see God?
2. Have you loved the people in your life?
Those are the only two things that matter. After you've died, it won't matter that you finally bought that BMW or graduated from some prestigious college. They aren't coming with you to heaven. Or in some cases. Hell. You want to look back and know that your life had meaning. I knew Tyrone was a christian, but he isn't in the christian music industry. He's just a christian doin his thing. It made me love him that much more that he would put himself out there and talk about his faith. We met with him afterwards and he was just as genuine talking afterwards as he was on stage. We got our Tyrone hugs, pictures, and autographs, and went on our way. In complete awe.

Headed to McDonalds for our apple pies, discussing the hilarious drunks we encountered while in line to meet Tyrone.
Got up to the drive-thru and were informed that it was going to take 12 minutes to bake our pies.
Long story short, we held up about 5 cars at McDonalds for 12 minutes. Funny, but wrong. haha.
They were so worth it though. Cider and candle wax. Just what a pie should taste like right?
Broken hangers, photo albums, and other randomness concluded our extremely incredible night.
I love girl weekends :)

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  1. AWESOME I love Tyrone, I've never seen him live before, but have loved his music for YEARS!