Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Friday, March 12, 2010

Love your Neighbor...

...and your neighbor like yourself :)
My day started out meeting a four star General James Mattis. The NCIS was at our school to protect him! He's kind of a big deal haha. Obama consults with this guy. No joke. Guess where he graduated? Um yeah, RICHLAND HIGH. Kaboom. He had a great speech and allowed a gym full of 2,000 plus students to ask him questions. For the most part, the questions were inteligent and he had incredible responses that involved intense circumstances he has been in during his career. Of course someone had to ask "what's your favorite color" dumb frosh. And "how many people have you killed" at which immediately everyone gasped and looked at him for a response. He chuckled and said,"You come see me after and we'll talk about that." Well deflected sir. Crisis averted.
Today was sure an interesting lunch :) Couch and gaming chairs set up in the middle of about four cars, music blasting out of one, just chillin in the parking lot haha
Ben brought a scooter and light saber [oh how I love randomness]
He hid and went after random cars coming into the parking lot, challenging them to duels.
I'm bringing my light saber next time. He will meet his match ;)
Parking lot fridays might become a tradition, and I'm stoked for it haha
Tennis was canceled today because of the rain. What a shame too, I had my classy tennis sweats and sweatshirt from the 80s on haha. And I found a clear umbrella. Probably the best invention ever lol
The Sanctus Real/Above the Golden State concert was incredible. Great inspiring lyrics, singing along with a crowd full of love for the Lord, standing next to good friends, watching the 8 year old girls in front scream like crazies haha. Seeing those girls go oogly and just randomly scream really helped me realize how much I've matured spiritually. While I stand with my eyes closed, singing along, just enjoying being a part of God's creation, and worshiping; these young girls are worshiping the wrong thing. They randomly scream, breaking the peaceful steady voices of praise simply because they look at Sanctus Real as superstars. Sanctus Real was not there last night for attention. They were there to praise God and to be a part in helping others heal and realize what God can do. They know it's not about them. Those girls will grow up, and I'm praying they come to realize what I have realized. I pray they have personal relationships with our Creator and learn what real worship is.
Mocha Club came up to talk halfway through the performances. You can click on the link for more information, but the basis of it all is this.
If you are reading this you are in the top percentile of the WORLD simply because you have internet access and a computer. You are in the front of the line. God put you there for a reason. Do something for the people in the back of the line. That's God's gift to you. $7 is nothing to us. It is clean water for one year for 7 people in Africa.
Jessi, Casey, and I along with 105 other people last night signed up. Over 8,000 Africans will now have clean water. Now that... is amazing.
After the concert Jessi and I followed Casey and we picked up Kevin and Brad and went on an adventure! We stopped at Yokes and bought graham crackers [not cranberries] and other s'more fixins. We went off to find a great night view of Tri-cities and tried to roast marshmallows with a match [having forgotten something to roast them over haha] That = fail. And it was windy like none other up there, so we all squished back into the car. We then ate raw s'mores, and drank milk while Kevin played guitar and Casey pounded out a beat. Singing Needtobreathe and just worshipping made for a great jam sesh.
We eventually had to leave because it was getting late :/
I almost ran over Casey's foot as I slowly let out the clutch to take off after getting directions on how to get home haha I legitamately freaked out until he let me know he was just jokin haha BAD JOKE ;) Funny, but wrong [movie reference, "cheaper by the dozen" when they put ashton's underwear in meat]
What a day, what a day. God is so good :)


  1. All I thought of when I saw that guy was the bad smell that lingered outside.

    Hey, the guy on the bottom on the couch hung out with us at the track meet today. Ian? I think that was him.

    I can't stop laughing at the dude with the saber. So good!
    and the shoe joke was priceless. What ties does this have to putting meat in someone's undies though? hahaha

  2. I love Ian! He's a hoot haha

    Have you seen cheaper by the dozen? cuz "Funny, but wrong" is a quote my family uses from it a lot lol

  3. ha, it's been a while. you'll have to tell me about it.