Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Our fingerprints don't fade...

...from the lives we touch.

Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 [A Time for Everything]
There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven:
a time to be born,
    and a time to die.
a time to plant,
    and a time to uproot.
a time to kill,
    and a time to heal.
a time to tear down,
    and a time to build.
a time to weep,
    and a time to laugh.
a time to mourn,
    and a time to dance.
a time to scatter stones,
    and a time to gather tehm.
a time to embrace,
    and a time to refrain.
a time to search,
    and a time to give up.
a time to keep,
    and a time to throw away.
a time to tear,
    and a time to mend.
a time to be silent,
    and a time to speak.
a time to love,
    and a time to hate.
a time for war,
    and a time for peace.

I found these verses and greatly appreciated them. They are poetic, and great reminders. I found them yesterday and when I called Jessi I said,"Oh my gosh, I'm starting to read Ecclesiastes and I really really like it!" She says,"That's crazy, my bible is open to Ecclesiastes right now, chapter 3." I said "READ VERSES 1-8!" and she said, "I've already typed them out in my blog!" My blog for yesterday was getting longish so I'd already typed them out too, except for today's post. It blows my mind sometimes [no, all the time] how God has kept our lives so parallel and puts things in our lives at the exact same time. He knows just what we need. I mean seriously? Out of 66 books; 1,189 chapters; 31,173 verses; we read the same 8 on the same day. Now that's cool :)
For the last three days I've lost everything I touch. My mug, my gatorade, my keys, my ipod case, my physics book, my Elk Grove sweatshirt :*( , my socks, my ropes course paperwork, my favorite pen, my face wash, my sunglasses, and more I just can't remember. Well yesterday when I was reading the intro for Ecclesiastes it kept saying how we are a busy, busy human anthill in mad pursuit of many things. I've been so busy and constantly doing things the last three days. Sure I'm stressing out because everything I touch disappears instead of turning into gold haha, but should I let that run my life and distract me? No. I'm being as organized as I can now, and I refuse to stress out more than I should now about losing things. They are material items. Nothing more. Life will go on. No need to stress. Thank you God for giving me exactly what I need. Since reading that yesterday, I have not lost a single thing. Lesson learned :)

School today was glorious. I felt like I got so much done, which is usually not the case. At lunch I went to Roasters, got myself a coffee, and plopped down on the leopard print couch to do my math test corrections. I extended my lunch because Mr. Spencer doesn't care if I come late [I'm his T.A.], so I stayed there for about an hour. I love coffe shops! The comfy couches, the lovely music, the friendly people, the garage style window/doors. It put me in the perfect mood.

After school Meryn and I went down to the river for some quality bondage. It was fun as always. We skipped rocks and lounged on our blanket and such. Practice was great, I had to leave early for work. Work was fabulous. I got to stock the milk and scare people who reached for some. Classic hand reaching out from inside the fridge. Kaboom :)

Overall, I had a really really really really really great day :)


  1. HEY! me and krista went to Roasters for lunch today as well! :) We must have just missed you!

  2. ahh i love this post! well i love all of them, but this one especially. i love you best friend!