Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Rain, Hail, Wind, and Sun.

I took this picture out of Felix's window. During a Hail Storm.
What a day what a day.
Felix drops me off at my site in the morning [we're talkin like 7:30am, early stuff].
It's delayed until noon. Awesome.
We go back to Mead.
It's canceled at Mead.
Go to the bubble, they say.
Oh and instead of best two out of three sets, they're supposed to play one set, no add, tie breaker at 5 all.
Thats worse than a pro-set.
No one is allowed inside the bubble except parents and coaches.
We kept calling each other,"Are you in the bubble?" "Get out of the bubble!" "We're not allowed to use phones in the bubble!" "I want in the bubble!"
Good laughs.

So we have to sit out in the cars while our teammates are inside playing.
No cheering.
It's like when the wife is having a baby and the family is in the waiting room.
We just sat in the cars staring at the doors waiting for them to open and our teammates to walk out victorious.
Then the sun came out.
Go back to Mead they say.
Well we went to Starbucks haha
Then we drop the gang off at Mead, and then Felix takes me back to my site.
The courts are dry and the site director is telling us who is to play.
Felix peaces out.
Someone next to me mumbles that it's hailing at Mead.
As he speaks these evil words, it immediatly begins to hail like no one's business.
Everyone scatters.
I'm pissed. Felix knew it was going to rain when he left me 3 minutes prior to the storm cuz guess what, he's a weather man haha
I grab all my crap and awkwardly stumble back to the car [thankfully he hasn't left yet].
I throw my stuff in the back, get in the passenger seat and can't stop laughing.
Felix was almost crying he was laughing so hard.
He called it, that sly old man, and he didn't even warn me.
He then sped out of the parking lot spilling all his diet coke on my sweatpants.
"Is there any left!?"
"Felix, it's all over my pants!!"
"I know, but is there any left?!"
Oh Fifi.
"Screw tennis" was the most common phrase used today.
Syd and Patrick had to go back to the bubble, but I stayed in the bi-polar weather to watch Nick, Tasha, John, and lil Trav.
I straight up just never went back to my site.
I was sick of the weather, so I'm gonna call 8th place out of 30 good as gold :)
We had an excellent drive home, I love my team.
Overall, a great trip.
I'm gonna miss it next year :*(

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