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"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm at my dad's work right now this very second! He's engrossed in a meeting and has left me alone with the computer. Today I am a working girl. I went to some of my dad's meetings with him, travel mug in hand. I answered "nothing to report" whenever they came around the table to me. I was invited to lunch with the ladies. They were so darling, I just loved it :) Ooh ooh ooh I also got to play with a $29 million simulator. I scrammed the power plant, and then brought it back to power. Yeah, I rock ;) I got career advice from Vic Parrish, CEO. Bam. I met so so so so many new people. My dad is one lucky guy to work with this funny diverse group. I never realized how big energy northwest was. My dad seemed to know someone in every random department we wandered into. I'm loving it, and feel so welcomed :)

I have talked to so many people today about careers and different areas of engineering. I've pretty much decided that engineering is the path for me, and coming here today has helped me better understand what the different types or engineers do, and what will fit me best. Gosh, it's still so stressful. At least most of the people I have talked to have told me that once I start taking engineering classes, I will start to see which path is best for me. Comforting.
This is more for my sake, because I have found myself with a lack of pen and paper all day (and the manager's phychologist recommends blogging my discoveries), that I will list out some of the things I have heard and learned and do not want to forget. It will always be here. On today's blog. Jan. 25. And it will most likely make absolutely no sense to you haha. So here we go...
Mental Notes:
  • First of all I love this song: Priscilla Ahn ~ Living in a Tree .

  • WSU ~ Basics of computers Cyber Security?
  • join study groups/do intramural sports.

  • take some of the engineering classes early, then senior year isn't as hard.

  • look at for example jobs of what certifications are required for positions.

  • programming ~ interactive web pages

  • hands on, interface with clients, networking. Also can go cybersecurity.

  • Information management under computer science.
  • Thank you so much Tracey, Denise, Desiree, Andy, John B., John S., Dan, Michael, Jacque, Vic, Joe, Eric, and Dean.

Sidenote because, yes, I'm random...
watch this. best movie and song ever. seriously. its in my top five. treasure planet baby.

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