Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Friday, June 18, 2010

Roadtrip: Time has no control

Out on the open road.No clock can tell us what to do.
We don't need to be anywhere at any time.
Singing as loud as we could "Love Today" by Mika we headed off.
Destination: Spokane.
Cactus secured behind the seat,
"Spokane or Bust" written on the window,
Tom's flag waving from the antenna,
and muddy buddies in our laps.
First turn off = Ritzville exit numero uno.
The one that goes to nowhere haha
We park at a small bike shop, check out the overpriced bikes, then meander over to a grocery store to use the facilities.
The lady had to call an employee to be our escort to the bathroom which was way in the back with a sign on it saying "For employee use only. No Customers." That didn't stop Jessi, lol.
After using the illegal bathroom, we went back to the truck and ate some lunch in the back.
Somewhat odd, but fun :)
Back on our way, this time with me driving!
There's something awesome about driving a truck.
I can't pinpoint it down, but it's a good feeling.
We made it to Spokane and surprised Jesse on his doorstep.
We did some garage saling, and came out of it with 2 bags each. Only $1 apiece!
After our screaming deals we went to a small park and walked the path.
Then Jesse drove us around town for a big ol tour of Spokane.
We had huge mugs of Chai that were utterly delicious.
Then we walked around the park and slid down the Red Wagon Slide.
Quality time with Jesse, and then we headed off to make our Macn'Cheese.
We brought a camping stove so we started that bad boy up and boiled our noodles to perfection.
Added our butter, cheese powder, and milk, and wha-la. Dinner in the back of a Toyota Tacoma.
More muddy buddies for desert, and then we set Gretchen to direct us to the Schlects.
Two bathroom stops along the way, and we finally make it.
The Schlects welcomed us with open arms, and we felt like we were just a part of the family :)
Tyson and Sami went with me and Jess to go play some tennis,
and as soon as we got back we hit the bed.
but suuuuuuch a fun day :)

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